We are very proud to announce that we have been selected by The Felix Charity to produce a beer to heighten the awareness of the amazing charity work that they carryout to support the families of our bomb disposal troops that have fallen whilst carrying out their courageous duties to save others.

Our latest beer, The Longest Walk, has been brewed to to raise awareness for Bomb Disposal Technicians all over the world.

The Longest Walk, is a saying known by all that carryout their bomb disposal duties all around the world and proudly stands as the name for this special “IID”, hence the beer style being an IIDPA (See what we did there).

This very special beer will be available from the first week of September 2021, and will be available in cask at The Hop Gardens from the 11th September when we will be welcoming The Felix Charity Trustees and guests for an evening of music, food and fun; you are all welcome.

A donation will be made to the charity for each bottle sold, ticket monies taken for the September 11th Felix Charity get together go direct to the charity, and we hope to be selected each year to help support this amazing charity and all of those families that it benefits.


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