To all of our wonderful supporters of Broadtown Brewery, this has been a Rollercoaster of a week for us.

We were initially advised by Seniors within Wiltshire Council that our planning application had been passed with conditions, but were notified later that day that the planning officer had in fact refused the planning, on the grounds of not fitting in with the local landscape and disruption to the tranquility of the surrounding area with light pollution and live music, etc.

We are all truly gutted here at BTB, but we have launched an appeal, and until we have exhausted the process we will continue to use the fields to our property as a place to come and enjoy drinks purchased from The Hop Chapel.

We could open the decking area and continue to use the bar, but we feel that until we have won our Appeal it might show arrogance on our part as a business, and we only want to work with planning and Councillors to achieve this objective with a minimum of disruption to all.

If you do want Broadtown Brewery, The Hop Chapel and Hop Gardens to remain an integral part of this local community, then have a voice and tell the people that control this process what it means to you, and us as a part of everyday life for our village and surrounding area.

To have a voice please email:

Michael Akinola, Wiltshire Planing Office:
Lib Dem Cllr David Bowler

Broad Town Parish Council

And please cc too

Because if it means something to you as a village member or a local user of the amenity, your voice has not been heard.

Every email sent to these parties will enforce the people’s feelings for what they want and without this support there is a very real risk that enforcement will make us take the structure down.

So please show your support for Broad Town and the amenities it has overwhelming always wanted.

Thank you for all of.your support from the BTB team.
Jason, Jody, Nathan, Dave, Mike, Amy, Keeley, Cheryl and Emma.


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