Available from our online shop now is our brand new single… hopped IPA. Making use of the magnificent Jester from Charles Faram‘s breeding program, Gilded Fool is full of blackberry, grapefruit and resinous flavours and aromas.

We’re always championing the use of British hops, which have – sadly – often been spurned by modern craft breweries in favour of all American varieties for a variety of reasons, mainly the misconception that British hops can’t deliver punchy aromas and flavours.

This simply isn’t true.

As a hop, Jester and other new varieties such as Mystic, Olicana and Harlequin are able to impart those juicy flavours that people crave; they may not be Citra or Mosaic (two of the most pungent American varieties) but they bring masses of character to a beer.

A good way to describe the difference between the aforementioned American varieties and new UK ones is like this: US hops are like Nirvana: Live at Reading. UK are like Nirvana MTV Unplugged.  Same undertones, similar flavours – just delivered differently.

Described by beer writer Mark Dredge as a ‘lovely expression of British hops’, Jester is unique for a hop native to the UK, imparting plenty of fruit flavours with a beautifully rounded finish.

And – as ever – we’re pleased to introduce it to you in our latest beer and champion British produce from our dedicated hop farmers.

Pick it up from our online shop (with national delivery).


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